Work Health & Safety and Workers’ Compensation Scheme

Work Health and Safety (WH&S) and Workers’ Compensation (WC) are two issues which have to be effectively managed in any business wishing to make a profit. Employers (PCBU’s) have important responsibilities under the WH&S Legislation to provide a safe workplace for workers and others entering the workplace. Failure to comply with this responsibility can result in heavy fines instigated by a WorkCover / WorkSafe prosecution.

TTIA employee 2 full time safety officers to assist employers in the Timber Industry throughout Australia comply with their WH&S legal responsibilities.

TTIA assists member companies in the following ways;

1) Assisting Companies with their WH&S documentation

WorkCover and the courts expect all companies to have a documented safety system in place which is effectively implemented. For many small to medium sized companies this is very difficult due to time and production pressures.
To help companies comply with these demands, TTIA has produced a safety system for the Timber Industry. Also we can assist companies adapt this system to their own workplace and provide training in its effective implementation.

2) Conducting Safety Assessments of Your Workplace

TTIA also conducts safety assessments of your workplace to identify potential hazards and outline cost effective ways you can control these hazards.

Considering that TTIA WH&S staff have considerable knowledge and practical experience within the Timber Industry, our recommendations on hazard control in the logging, sawmilling, frame and truss, timber / board manufacturing and timber wholesale and retail sectors of the industry is considered to be of the highest quality.

3) Safety Audits

TTIA not only helps companies to develop their safety system, we also audit their system to ensure it is being implemented effectively.

This auditing process involves examining WH&S and WC documentation, asking questions concerning this documentation and making sure the documentation is implemented by management and followed by workers.

4) Offering engineering solutions to WH&S problems

Many companies rely on TTIA’s expert advice in hazard control. Whether it is about specific timber machinery, manual handling or maintenance issues, TTIA will use their experience in the industry to help you comply with WorkCover’s requirements.

If WorkCover’s requirements are impractical, TTIA will consult with WorkCover on the member company’s behalf to come up with a workable control measure.

5) WH&S Training

TTIA also offers many WH&S and WC accredited training courses for managers, supervisors, safety representatives and workers at a cost effective price. Some of these courses include:

  • WH&S Risk Management course.
  • Managing WH&S safety systems.
  • Manual handling training course.
  • How to use fire fighting equipment.
  • Fire warden training course.
  • Incident investigation training.
  • Safety representative training.

TTIA also keeps it’s membership up to date by offering training courses throughout NSW and other Australian States regarding any changes to WH&S or WC Legislation.

6) Expert Advice

TTIA staff are available via phone, fax or email to answer your questions concerning WH&S or WC. Whether the question concerns a specific WC claim or a safety query on Legislation, manual handling, hazardous substances, noise, heat, safety documentation or a practical issue in your workplace, TTIA staff are willing to find the answer for you.

7) Noise Testing

TTIA carries out noise surveys of your workplace to test whether your machinery and equipment conforms to the 85 dBA standard as outlined in Legislation or to ensure your hearing protection is adequate.

8) Court Representation

TTIA also has our own solicitor to assist companies in the event of a WorkCover Prosecution. TTIA is respected by the Chief Industrial Magistrates because of their knowledge and expertise in the Industry and to date have been able to resolve prosecutions to member companies’ satisfaction.

9) Consultation with Government Bodies

TTIA represents member companies through consultation with WorkCover and other government bodies in relation to the formulation of WH&S and WC Legislation, Regulations, Industry Codes of Practice and Australian Standards.

10) WH&S Procedures

TTIA also has sample WH&S procedures on the following:

  • Risk management
  • Manual handling
  • Consultation
  • Training
  • Hazardous substances
11) Safety Operating Procedures

TTIA has safety operating procedures for machinery in the logging, sawmilling, timber dressing and frame and truss sectors of the Timber Industry.

12) Workers Compensation Issues

TTIA helps members with numerous Workers’ Compensation issues including:

  • Premium determinations
  • Claims estimates
  • Insurance matters
  • Individual claims
  • Termination on WC
  • Rehabilitation
  • Suitable duties
  • Negotiation with insurance companies
  • Employer obligations
  • Claims management

The major benefit of TTIA’s WH&S / WC scheme is that we come to you. If you require assistance on site, all you have to do is ring and we will visit you the next time we are in your area.

If you require any other information on the TTIA WH&S scheme, please contact Ken Hocking (WH&S Manager) on 0418 280 335 or Judith Sharp in the office (02) 9264 0011.

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