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21 May Worker’s Comp. Insurance

Worker’s Compensation Insurance – Industry Feedback

TTIA Members have consistently provided feedback that the impact of workers’ compensation costs are either a major and often unsustainable cost.  The main areas of concern for Members relate to the costs to their organisation, the performance of their insurers, and the inadequacy of the rehabilitation process which is an outcome often driven by the insurer and the rehabilitation provider.

In order to provide some assistance to Members, the Association recently conducted a survey about workers’ compensation insurance agents and rehabilitation providers.

Questions about the performance of the insurer included:

How do you rate the general performance of your agent?

a. responding to problems concerning employee compliance or performance of doctors or rehab. providers?

b. effectiveness in handling your claims to ensure a rapid return to work?

c. keeping you up to date with the status of outstanding claims?


1 76% of respondents reported they were satisfied – very satisfied with their insurer while 37% were dissatisfied – very dissatisfied with their insurer.

2 A small number of Members who were insured by Gallagher & Bassett stated they were satisfied – very satisfied with their services.

3 QBE performed well with 71% of 14 employers rating their services as satisfied – very satisfied.

4 A number of specific insurers were named where it appeared they had a greater percentage of dissatisfied clients than satisfied clients.  Members can contact the Association for specific details of those insurers.


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Worker’s Compensation Insurance

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