Below is just a sample of some of the kind words of appreciation from our Members:

May 2022:

“Hi Brian, Judith, Janet & Ken

Thank you so much for your lovely message!

You all do such a fantastic job.

As a member I can honestly say we always felt so supported and informed with all your updates.

Your regular emails, especially during these difficult Covid years were so helpful and informative.

We really loved being a member of the TTIA and will miss you all.

Wishing you all the very best.

Carmen & Mario, A C Tree Services”

Oct 2021

“As always, your time and guidance is appreciated.

Macleay River Hardwoods”

Oct 2021

“Thanks for putting all of these in lay-mans terms Brian. They have certainly made things easier to read and understand.

Acme Case”

July 2021

“Good morning and thank you very much for your email.

With all the changes and restrictions that keep evolving every day, we are just so glad that you guys are just an email and a phone call away to provide us with instructions and clarity.

Thanks again.

Processed Forest Products”

June 2021

Most appreciated and love the rapid response!

Kind Regards, South East Pine Treatment Pty Ltd”

June 2021

“I just wanted to express my sincere thanks to you and all your team and congratulate you on the great job you all do.

You have the best and quickest response to COVID information and pass it onto all your members in a timely fashion.

Every morning when I come in whilst we are all under COVID restrictions, you have an update letting everyone know what is going on and what to do in layman terms.

THANK YOU.  Kindest Regards

Notaras & Sons Pty Ltd.”

March 2021

“…thank you so much, it is nice to have someone check my calculations and confirm that I am doing correctly.

For someone to have completed that amount of time in employment with the one employer is a great achievement  And would hate to mess it up.

Again thank you so much for your time and advice.

Machin’s Sawmill”