TTIA Services

Upon joining the TTIA, if you choose to subscribe to the Timber Trade Industrial Digest, you will be supplied with a loose leaf copy of the Digest which ensures that your business complies with the local requirement to have a copy of the appropriate modern award available on site for persons to view if requested.  The contents of this digest are an invaluable asset to any employer in the timber industry and contain information on the Timber Industry Award 2010,  Annual Leave, Long Service Leave, Parental Leave, Enterprise Bargaining, and all other relevant modern awards.   The Digest comes in a loose-leaf version so that it can be easily updated when wage rates are varied or award conditions change.

Membership of the TTIA also entitles you to the use of our award and industrial advice service. Any assistance you may require regarding the above can be directed to an Industrial Officer by phone (24 hours a day), and your inquiry will be answered promptly. Unlike membership of other associations, there is no limit on the amount or time of queries to be made by Members, or any extra charges in this respect.

You can also subscribe to our Workplace Health & Safety and workers compensation service.  This service gives you access to the latest developments in this area and also representation before the various tribunals when the need arises.  Membership of this service also provides you with special rates for training and provision or set up of safety management systems.  Our WHS/workers comp officers can also be contacted 24 hours a day.

Membership also entitles you to on-site visits from one of our Industrial Officers who can come to your site and assist you with any problems or enquiries you may have.

Other services available include training, regular updates of decisions affecting the timber and building products industries, and industrial advocacy in the appropriate industrial relations Commission.  As a federally registered industrial organisation, we have automatic appearance rights to represent you before the appropriate industrial tribunal.

All these services are included in your annual membership fee.  Training Courses are provided to Members at a significantly reduced cost per course attended.

Company or site specific training can also be provided for you on request.