NSW State Award System

15 Feb NSW State Award System

Employers in the timber industry should be aware that on 1 January 2010, private sector NSW employers and employees previously covered by the NSW state award system (mainly sole traders and partnerships) moved into the national workplace relations system administered by the federal government.  All previous federal and state awards have been streamlined into 122 modern awards which now cover all Australian workplaces.

What does this mean for your workplace?

If you were covered by a federal award on 31 December 2009, including Notional Agreements Preserving State Awards (NAPSAs), you should be using the appropriate modern award.  The modern award that covers a significant proportion of timber related employers is the Timber Industry Award 2010.  Your business should have a copy of this award.

If you were previously covered by a NSW state award (mainly sole traders and partnerships) on 31 December 2009, that award was preserved as a state reference award and, under the national systems transitional arrangements, you have been able to continue to refer to this award until 31 January 2011.

Please note: From 1 February 2011, your business will be required to use the appropriate modern award.

Where do I find out about which modern award or awards cover my workplace?

You should contact the TTIA regarding the relevant modern award that covers your enterprise.  Members will also be provided with a copy of the NES and an explanation of its implications.  The TTIA Enquiry Line is (02) 9264 0011.

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