Freight Forwarding

We create long term relationships based on visibility and open book policies with a fixed margin from the outset. Here are some examples of real savings we have achieved helping our clients.
  • $35,000 Supplier consolidation ex China
  • $1,000,000+ Proactive duty reviews.
  • $200 per TEU point to point.
  • $25,000 Longer transit options to effectively provide warehousing on the water.
Are these some of the questions you are asking yourself?
  • Service – Are you using the right service?
  • Local Fees – Are you being charged for items that you don’t understand?
  • Service – Are you a small client to a LARGE supplier?
  • Volatile Rates – Are you taking advantage of this?
  • Total Costs – Are you paying too much?
  • Tariffs – Are you over paying on duty tariffs?
  • Supply Chain Visibility – Transparency over your freight?

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How do we save you money?

Benchmark Cost Solutions will bring clarity to hidden costs and help you uncover hidden value in areas such as;

  • Tariff Concessions.
  • Prevention of Duties.
  • Regular Updates – Not the standard monthly.
  • Best of Both Worlds – Long term rates to offer protection but provision to take advantage of spot rates when it is advantageous.
  • Leveraged Buying – We secure lower rates by combining your volume with a clients.
  • Strategic Sourcing – Providing expertise and consultancy when identifying a supplier and how Australia’s international trade relationships can benefit your product sourcing. Call us today in regards to supplier verification, country specific free-trade agreement and more.
Common mistakes
  • Locking – Long-term rates at the wrong time of year.
  • Not Understanding – The rates presenter fully i.e. not taking into account the total costs including currency adjustments/collection fees.
  • Complacency – Working with a provider for a long time and not going to market breeding complacency
  • Not Reviewing – New best practices in the supply chain.
  • Not Understanding – The shipping market and having visibility to market movements.
  • Never – Let the seller provide the freight forwarding ever.

Q. How transparent are we?

We ensure every single charge is explained to you and why you are paying for it.

Q. How will this help me?

Understanding your costs helps you to stay on top of your logistics, which can easily go under the radar as one of a businesses main issues.

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