Drug and Alcohol Testing

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We all know the timber products industry can be a potentially dangerous workplace if employers and employees are not committed to work health and safety principles and continuous improvement to safety in the workplace.  The nature of the machinery used and the environment where work is conducted means employees working under the influence of drugs or alcohol are an accident waiting to happen.

Recently the United Nations ranked Australia as the highest user of illicit drugs per capita, in the world.  Particularly, Cannabis, Speed, Ecstasy and Ice, are all seriously dangerous when mixed with a dangerous work environment.  Also, industry statistics, for instance in the building industry, indicate that close to 20% (1 in 5) of workers are currently working under the influence of an illegal drug or alcohol.

A New Alliance

TTIA, as the major national timber products association representing the industry on industrial relations and workplace health and safety, has formed a strategic alliance with Frontline Diagnostics to draw a line in the sand and to lead by example in creating complete solutions for a Drug-Safe workplace where members can receive practical and essential assistance.

On the TTIA members’ Hotline we are often asked about appropriate drug and alcohol testing providers and we are now confident that Frontline Diagnostics will play an important role and be a valuable resource for members, particularly in regard to the testing regime.

The challenge may seem daunting but having created Drug-Safe workplaces for over 15 years all around Australia, it can be broken down into a few simple stages which will be provided to all TTIA members to comply with a Drug-Safe workplace.

How to Comply
  1. Ensure you engage a provider that is NATA accredited to provide a full spectrum of services and devices.
  2. Ensure you have a legally robust and easily understood Drug and Alcohol Policy.  TTIA and Frontline Diagnostics can assist.
  3. Have a concise and relevant toolbox education/induction session ready to present to all staff and contractors.  TTIA and Frontline Diagnostics can assist.
  4. Engage a service provider who can manage your Drug-Safe Workplace programme for you and let you run your business.  This partnership will ensure you meet your legislated Drug-Safe Workplace requirements and audits.
  5. Drugs change, so do we.  We watch the market and keep you informed.  If we find a better solution, we will advise members.
  6. We develop the reports you will need to track programme performance, random selection data, meet contractual KPIs and audits.
What to do next

This partnership is a significant industry breakthrough in the workplace health and safety field.

We encourage members to contact the TTIA on 02 9264 0011 in regard to any issue raised in this email and let us do a health check on your Drug & Alcohol Workplace procedures.

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