AMPOL/Caltex Fuel Offer


The discount is 5 cents on diesel from National Truck Network (NTN) sites, 3 cents discount for diesel and other AMPOL/Caltex sites and 3 cents discount for unleaded petrol. Members are able to access the scheme by following the steps below:

  1. If you already have an existing account with Ampol/Caltex, please inform Judith by email – (or telephone on 02 9264 0011) of your account number. Your account will be automatically linked to the new structure. All your existing details will remain the same – you will need to do nothing further.
  2. New accounts to Ampol/Caltex – you will need to apply on-line (the link is shown below). During the application process, there will be an AFFILIATIONS field. You must nominate Timber Trade Association from the drop box.

It is CRITICAL that you complete this field, otherwise you will not be linked to our account and therefore not receive the negotiated rebates.

please fill the form below